4 Ideas for Passive Job Searching

It’s Q4 of the year and for some people, they may not feel they need a new job NOW but are thinking about what a new job could look like in 2019. Here are four ideas on things you could do that are not aggressive job searching but might start planting seeds for when you are ready.


1.     Check out Indeed’s Job Category trends. Click on your areas of interest and see key terms for job titles and timing on job posts. If you see a spike in January, you can make a note to yourself to check out job postings then.

2.     Start asking for Recommendations on LinkedIn. This will strengthen your profile so that when you are ready to start applying and interviewing, recruiters and hiring managers see some great things that others say about you! It’s great to do this when you are not aggressively searching so that it’s one less thing to do and less time sensitive.

3.     Reach out for Informational Interviews. If you have a new area or job that interests you, why not chat with someone doing it! Reach out and ask for a 15-20 minute phone call, coffee meeting or lunch (offer to treat them – it’s the courteous thing to do!) Talking to real people gives us insights that we usually don’t just find on the Internet. They may also provide advice that leads you to a next step, may confirm your interests or not at all! They may also think of you when a role comes up in their network.

4.     Update your resume. You knew I was going to say that. It may be slightly outdated or just need to be reviewed by someone else. It’s better to do this in the passive mode so that you aren’t stressed and working on it at 11pm the same night that you want to be applying to a job. If you need help here, I’m only an email away! Check out my pricing and services here https://cafeconresume.com/pricing-services/ .

3 Better Approaches to Job Hunting

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