How Becoming a Parent is Like Taking a New Job

Tell me if you agree: starting a new job can be so stressful.  You think you have an idea but you never really know what it will be like until you get there and get started. The interviews don’t REALLY tell you what your new position will be like. However, meeting the new team members and hearing about how you can fit in to the organization’s goals can be exciting.  When you get the offer, you may even feel like you are taking a small leap of faith that this is the right new path/position for you.

During your job search, it’s possible that fears and insecurities are top of mind (especially if you are coming off a lay-off). You may even feel a little bit sorry for yourself if you’re moving on because your most recent job wasn’t the right fit or your company eliminated positions and it felt like it wasn’t your choice. You might be grieving how you thought things were “supposed to be”.

During interviews, you feel constant pressure to be “on you’re A-game” and be able to display the ability to sell yourself with a perfect balance of being confident yet humble.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but becoming a parent was a lot like a job search and then starting a new job. Oh so stressful, but exciting and ultimately as much as I wish it was a swan dive, it’s really like taking a belly flop in to the unknown.

My new full-time job officially started on September 29, 2017 at 2:50am. I had known for many months that this new job was coming and all the doctor appointments and baby classes were kind of like interviews…my husband and I had a sense of what this new job would be like but we actually had no idea. How could we really?

We’ve been very lucky in that we adore this full-time job but it can be hard. After all, we had wanted it for years and had even grieved the possibility that it wasn’t in the cards. What’s crazy is that in this new role as a MOTHER, I have had to dig deep on still being me (I’ve always loved “working” so shifting energy to this new job has been interesting and not a quick process by any stretch of the imagination). I have to remind myself constantly that I am a parent now (I know, like how can you forget?) and this little creature relies on me for EVERYTHING. I still sometimes look at her in amazement and awe because I get to be her mama and wait, who approved this? Were they sure I was qualified for the job? Who’s my supervisor so I can elevate situations that are above my pay grade? Where’s the training manual? (I kid, I kid.) I used to joke that she was my new boss but I know it’s not supposed to be that way. But seriously, she dictates when I get up, when are mealtimes, when I get to shower…anyway, I digress.

I write this because I feel like no one talks about the stress of new jobs much. I’ve noticed a lot of my clients feel really nervous, doubtful of their abilities and procrastinate getting their resumes updated. Some of you may be able to relate as you think about being ready to be in a new job or even recently started in a new role. I know it’s hard and not exactly something you put at the top of your to do list. And if you’re feeling stagnant or know it’s time to begin your job search, just think what is life without a cannonball or belly flop here and there? Maybe even a swan dive on in to that perfect new position. I wasn’t sure I was qualified and I’m pretty sure my daughter would say I’m doing just fine.

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