Magical Assistance in the Job Search

Searching for a job and/or changing jobs can often contain many layers of stress, self-doubt, fears, excitement and even action plans. It’s not as easy as someone recommending their favorite restaurant (so yay! You just go to that restaurant) or what is a binge-worthy Netflix show according to your best friend (so yay! You just start watching that one because someone said it was good!)

While it’s nice to just take your friend’s word for it, and yes, we find opportunities through our network, you also have to also dig deeper and get to know yourself to navigate your career and goals. A lot of this work has to come from you going within and I’m not sure we all know how to do that automatically. I feel strongly in being able to give you the tactics of a job search but there’s more to it...

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve had a lot of help over the years as it related to my job searches but really, life in general. While these contacts may not have been directly to “help me find that next position”, their consultative services helped ME with who I am and what I was looking for. I think they all have a bit of magical powers, to be honest, and I want to share them with you for a few reasons:

  1. This may seem like a little bit of hokey pokey related to the job search and not what you were expecting but these support you as a person - not just an employee.  

  2. This could inspire you out of a current rut or allow you to take that next action step if you’re feeling like you don’t know what it is.  

  3. Open your mind to another channel that can support you in your goals.

Spiritual and Holistic Counseling (Aura readings) - Reverend Barb Rocha:

New Moon/Full Moon card readings/Yoga/Essential oils/Marco Polo check-ins - Glow by Lola:

Online Entrepreneurial classes - Lydia Jarjoura:

Life of Yes Meet-Up and Fear Experiment (improv classes and performance) - Saya Hillman:

Career Clarity and Oracle Cards - Dr. Lynn Chang:

In addition, I’m very fortunate to have love and support from my husband, parents, brother and best friends. If you’re struggling, maybe even just letting a friend know and venting can help. If you don’t want to talk to anyone (which sometimes makes total sense!) I’ve also found the Designing Your Life Workbook to be really helpful to explore what is important to me as it relates to work/life integration.

Here’s to hoping this helps give examples of other things you can do to further explore your interests and what job opportunities may align with your mission, values and goals. I’m also hoping these were nothing like what you expected and give you some new ideas to mull over. I adore and admire all the people listed above so if you reach out to them, please feel free to name drop.

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