Pricing + Services


Resume and Job search tools can be purchased via a package or a la carte. We are also happy to discuss working within your budget. Just ask!



resume re-write

Starting at $250* — For this price point, this is a re-write of your current resume in a Word Resume template with strong action verbs and descriptions to highlight your skill set. This includes an interview so we can collect the proper info and then up to 2 additional phone calls to explain (as requested by the client). It does not include additional versions or edits (see Miscellaneous if you will want more work done after the first version). *Price may vary slightly depending on # years of experience or nuances in resume. 

resume review

$100 — Standard resume review done via email. This includes lots of feedback on content and formatting but does not include edits of every bullet. We will provide resources and direction for you to know how to strengthen each bullet and make final edits yourself.

For $150, we can do a 30-minute phone consultation with Q&A on the feedback and suggestions and strategies with a follow up email (if necessary) of resources and ideas. This also includes one more review of your edits (if requested).

job search strategies

$50 — Directions and list of resources to help you get going on your job search strategies. This requires an initial phone consultation (20-30 minutes) to help customize your plan dependent on your goals and industry.

linkedin review

$50 — Review and loads of tips to strengthen your LinkedIn profile.


$50/hour  — Any job search help that you see not listed - just ask! We can provide an estimate on time needed to match your specific request.


FREE — I love hearing your stories, I can usually relate (and I feel you on the BS!) and I want you to know you are validated.

If you have a question about your job search that you feel uncomfortable asking in a public forum, you can send me a Marco Polo and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Download the free app and feel free to send me a message. Marco Polo is "Face-to-face, personal communication unlike other video chat apps, you don't need to be live."

If you can't find me on there or don't know my cell #, just send me an email and I'll send you my digits:

Let's normalize this job search stress! Face to face and personally!

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Career search package (Virtual or In PErson)

$300— This is our most popular package. It includes a resume review, extensive guidance on improving content, job search action plan, tips and tricks to land interviews (how to find companies/networking ideas) and a LinkedIn review (once you are happy with your resume).

Career search consultation (IN-PERSON)

$150/session (60 minutes) — discuss resume (no formal review/edits but general suggestions for improvement), job search strategies (tracking spreadsheet, strong action verbs to help resumes) and ideas for finding new positions and networking tips.

linkedin networking

$50/session (45-60 minutes) — LinkedIn is a very powerful tool and can be used to optimize your time and efforts in your job search. This is to help you utilize the social media platform to aid in your job search by finding those in your network or ways to reach out to real humans and bypass the software that may be blocking your application. This is based on the free tools (no Premium membership required). 

personal Marketing materials review

$50/hour (can be booked in 1/2 hour increments) — This service is to provide you with a former recruiter's eyeballs on any variety of your personal marketing materials. This may be your resume(s), cover letter(s), thank you(s), online portfolio, work samples and/or writing samples). Quick note: We can review your cover letter draft and provide suggestions to make it stronger (this must include at least one real job posting that the cover letter is written for), email or snail mail of your thank you messages and/or ways to reach out and stand out, create/update your online portfolio, etc.

Charitable giving

We donate a portion of proceeds monthly to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Emancipet, Austin Pets Alive! and Creative Action. If you have a charity that is important to you, let us know!