“Erin is great. With her background and experience in the field she is able to give extremely helpful and honest advice. I highly recommend for any job seekers.”

— Teresa H.

Happy Clients


Erin edited my resume specifically to my job search. She made my resume align with the job I want to be doing, which is a shift from what I am currently doing. Her guidance in using the right words and terminology was especially helpful. Erin gave me the tools I need to edit and create the perfect resume and cover letter tailored for each job I am applying for in my new industry. 

— kandy c.

Erin's energy was amazing and her subject matter was very inspiring. She took the time to get to know a bit about each attendee so she could cater her presentation to what each of us wanted to get out of the evening and I found this very helpful. Erin certainly knows what she is talking about and has the experience to back it up! I would recommend this particular Dabble class experience to anyone, not just those looking to land jobs in in creative and marketing fields--her advice/tips could be helpful over a wide range of careers. SIGN UP FOR HER NEXT CLASS. You won't regret it. :)

- Teagan c.

Erin’s down-to-earth and highly informative presentation simply contained interview-scoring strategies that people probably are already aware of but can revisit in a new light. As a copywriting enthusiast strongly recommended to pursue other parts of the industry, I have yet to find networking events with expert professionals who’ll clarify marketing’s counterparts to creative advertising. She was spot-on in suggesting two subfields I’d be offered a job interview in that same night over LinkedIn InMail- coincidence, I think not!

— marc r.

Very helpful. Erin was wonderful in learning about all of us,so she could personalize her content to help meet each of our concerns and needs. As my first Dabble class, I'd happily attend more, especially Erin's.

— daniel s.